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#63 fixed FR: Add a "mute" function to silence text-to-speech on demand KaZeR CoreDump
Description On handheld devices (or even devices mounted in a car) a "Mute" button to silence the output of text-to-speech would be welcome.
#261 invalid Faster routing KaZeR Darhuuk
Description Hi,

Current routing is not slow due to djikistra.
And it's definitely no 2 minute change to fix that.
Patches welcome :)
#256 wontfix No search results with Garmin maps Zaxl Deadlyllama
Description I've downloaded some maps of New Zealand from the cgpsmapper site, but when I search, despite what appear to be search results appearing in the console window in which I started navit, nothing appears in the GUI. The messages I get look like:

garmin_rgn.c:1279:2|Found 1 subfiles
garmin_obj.c:562:1|Search from cid: 0 rid: 0 cid:0
garmin_lbl.c:453:1|1 countries defined 3
garmin_lbl.c:499:1|3 regions defined sz=5
garmin_lbl.c:542:1|325 cities defined sz=5
garmin_lbl.c:594:1|lbl7 off=14711 size=36, recsize=4
garmin_lbl.c:614:1|0 ZIPs defined sz=3
garmin_lbl.c:656:1|lbl5 off=12D73 size=2968, recsize=4
garmin_obj.c:660:1|Match: BALLANCE(19)
garmin_obj.c:753:1|Returning 1 matches
garmin.c:245:4|Loaded 1 objects
garmin.c:487:1|Unknown garmin object type:6

The libgarmin header suggests that object type 6 is a "GO_SEARCH".

I've attached the map file I'm using, in case this problem is somehow specific to these maps.

I'm running libgarmin from svn (rev 304), and navit from svn (rev 1452).
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