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#1261 fixed toggle_announcer OSD changes state on each redraw Singesang mvglasow (2)
Description To reproduce: Add a `toggle_announcer` OSD to your navit.xml. Then maximize/unmaximize the window (on a desktop OS), or on Android rotate the screen. You will notice that each of these operations will cause the icon to flip between the enabled and disabled state.

Looking at `osd_core.c` and `osd.c`, I see that the `toggle_announcer` item has no a real click handler, and the draw event indeed just flips the state on each redraw.

I guess we need a real click handler, which switches speech output on/off and then triggers a redraw. The redraw routine should then read the status of the speech engine to determine the correct icon to display.
#1260 fixed Certain OSD items display garbage when resized Singesang mvglasow (2)
Description This is a follow-up of #983.

#983, #990, #1098 and #1256 deal with relative (percentage) values for OSD size and position not being honored until the window is resized. These issues were fixed in r5901.

However, work on these tickets found another bug, which appears to have a different cause: Certain types of OSD items will render garbage if the display is resized.

The issue seems to affect only OSD items with relative size. OSD items with fixed size but relative position do not seem to be affected. Also, only certain OSD types have issues.

Behavior I observed so far is the following:
* `button` – affected
* `compass` – OK
* `navigation_next_turn` – affected
* `odometer` – OK
* `scale` – OK (as per sleske's comment on #983).
* `stopwatch` – OK
* `text` – affected

Affected items display normally at first. Upon first resize, they will render either just the semitransparent background, or a black box, or a garbled clipping from nearby screen content (on Linux), occasionally with colors swapped. Size and position are OK, though.

Also, when the content of an affected item changes (e.g. new turn instruction in `navigation_next_turn`, new text displayed in `text`), that item will display normally again.

I've been looking through the code but none of my guesses at potential error sources so far have been confirmed.

There seems to be some difference in the draw callbacks upon creation or content update vs. redraw on resize (with content unchanged). Maybe some data gets deallocated after drawing and is thus no longer available on redraw, while a content update would recreate the data? Where would that happen in the code?

The original code was committed by tinloaf (who seems to be no longer active) between r2140–r2174.

If anyone has an idea, any input is welcome.
#1259 fixed r5892 breaks android-x86 build cp15 mvglasow (2)
Description The last few builds on android-x86 failed (see The last successful build was r5890 while r5892 failed.

Looking at the commits, r5891 was just some minor (and rather innocent) code cleanup, while r5892 introduced some changes to build parameters tht seem to break the android-x86 build.
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