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#1078 wontfix Allow rotating the map from the GUI KaZeR sleske
Description Navit can rotate the map which it displays. This is used for rotating
the map in the direction of movement during navigation (if "northing" is
disabled) - but there's no way for the user to rotate the map manually
using the GUI.

There used to be code in Navit to enable map rotation via the mouse
(introduced in [ rev. 1856]) however it had a problematic UI (see below)
and had always been commented out, so I removed it ([ rev. 5252])).

I'm entering this feature request so this piece of code is not
forgotten. If someone feels a way to rotate the map from the GUI would
be useful, please comment here, and maybe someone will feel like
implementing / completing this feature.

Problems with the removed implementation:
* Dragging the map both moves and rotates it - this makes it difficult
to only drag or only rotate, and is rather confusing for the user.
This is made worse by the fact that most of the time users only want
to drag, so rotation gets in the way.
* While there is visual feedback for the map movement during dragging,
there is no feedback for the rotation part. This makes the experience
even more confusing: During dragging the map only seems to move, but
once you release, it also rotates.

We'd probably need some way to switch between moving and rotating the
map, but I'm not sure about the best UI.
#252 fixed Allow size/spacing settings in GUI internal to come from the config file cp15 Ssinger
Description As discussed on IRC recently,

This patch allows the font size, icon size and spacing settings in the internal GUI to be configured from the config file as attributes to the <gui> element.

#889 fixed Allow to filter out highways and toll routes cp15 andrea piras 85
Description It would be quite useful to have an option to filter out highways and toll routes, ideally it should be resettable per-route, with a separate option for the default value
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