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#375 fixed Missing icons in the .deb packages Latouche
Description The debian packages are missing all of the icons that gets generated in the make process. This is nessesary for the internal gui. I checked out trunk from svn, and ran make in the xpm folder (after automake and configure of course). I then copied *.png to /usr/share/navit/xpm, and suddenly the interface started working.

I am guessing that the debian/control file does not contain the nessesary build-depends: package needed to get an svg to png converter, and that the process is just not getting done.

Also, as a sidenote, I was unable to use the repository mentioned in the wiki for jaunty. When running apt-get update, the process hangs forever.
#162 fixed Additional path for navit.xml file somebody wosi@…
Description I am packaging navit for
In debian and derived distros (what ubuntu is) all system-wide configuration is in /etc, where also the default navit.xml file should go in the package.
I therefore would really appreciate if you could add /etc/navit/navit.xml to the path search locations like in the patch attached.
#405 fixed Missing #include "util.h" in a few files in version svn2396. I've created the fix as a patch. KaZeR worldcitizen
Description #include "util.h"
Missing in:

Can i please get an account so I'll be able to fix code.
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