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#103 fixed Failed to load a garmin map KaZeR agnonchik@…
Description Hi,

Navit failed to load a garmin map:

garmin.c:193:1|libgarmin 0.1-r278 initializing as GPS Backend
garmin.c:447:1|Loading /usr/local/share/navit/maps/50.img as TDB
garmin_tdb.c:66:1|Can not open:[/usr/local/share/navit/maps/50.img] errno=1(Operation not permitted)
garmin.c:226:1|Implement me

I'll appload the map.

#104 fixed no byteswap.h under OS X spaetz andi@…
Description Hi,

if i try to build Navi under OS X 10.5 with fink i get some errors because there is no byteswap.h, which is only availible at debian/ubuntu.

Maybe you could include some code to get around this.

Someone at #fink told me this is an good example how this could be done:;a=blob;h=cdf6b15f039c4905d8d54152153b0a3ecd7aba55;hb=415e49b940bba2d08870db410ebb47d2add5d836;f=GL/glx/glxbyteorder.h

Thanks in advance,
#105 fixed what about porting navit to the iPhone/iPodTouch, both support OpenGL/ES ? anonymous
Description Either SDL would have to get ported, or the SDL backend would had to get replaced by a native one for the iPhone SDK.
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