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#1270 fixed Alpha in toggle_anouncer OSD is not handled correctly on Linux (gtk) sleske mvglasow (2)
Description When a custom bitmap is used for `toggle_announcer`, semitransparent regions of that bitmap will be treated as fully transparent.


This issue occurs only in the combination of `toggle_announcer` and Linux. `button` shows the correct behavior; on Android both OSD types behave correctly.
#971 fixed Android - Aborting Navigation is broken KaZeR crystalgfan .
Description With svn-4847 there's a strange behavior when trying to stop navigation.[[BR]]
This icon doesn't disappear and navigation is still active:[[BR]]
<img cond='navit.route.route_status&amp;52' src='gui_stop' onclick='abort_navigation()'><text>Stop Navigation</text></img>[[BR]]
Same results with and without fix or GPS signal available or not.[[BR]]
Additionally, navigation is still present if you shut down Navit and start it again.[[BR]]
Latest well working version was svn 4845 that I used for some time now, svn 4846 seems also to be ok.

Samsung Galaxy S[[BR]]
Custom Rom Android 2.2.1[[BR]]
Speedmod kernel k13d[[BR]]
#942 fixed Android - Broken: Navigation with Navit via google maps KaZeR crystalgfan .
Description Launching Navit via google maps is possibel but no matter which destination I chose the navigation doesn't start and the direct distance that is shown with the compass is always 6051 km.[[BR]]
In the past it worked well, can't remember quite well which svn it was but I guess it was from android_armv5te svn-4696.
Would be nice to have this feature back.[[BR]]

Cmake svn 4791[[BR]]
2.2.1 Froyo Custom Rom[[BR]]
Google Maps V. 5.10.1
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