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#1253 fixed Add build scripts from build server to Navit SVN KaZeR mvglasow (2)
Description The Navit build server, which prepares the binaries available at, appears to use scripts that do a completely automated build.

In particular, it supplies all the parameters needed to build a particular flavor of Navit, which is of particular interest for the more exotic ones such as android-x86 or android-armv4.

I suggest making these available in the SVN code tree. This would simplify building the more exotic flavors, as well as ensuring consistency between private builds and downloaded binaries. (I've had quite a few instances in which I was unable to build versions/flavors of navit that would build on the server, and being able to retry the build with the exact same parameters as the server would have been a lot of help.)
#1252 fixed Android: cursor up/down swapped on external keyboard cp15 mvglasow (2)
Description Steps to reproduce:

* Start Navit on Android with an external (e.g. Bluetooth) keyboard connected
* In Internal GUI, go to Town and type a few letters to get a list of towns
* Try navigating through the list

You will see that the "cursor up" key moves the selection down and vice versa.

Tested on r5889, Cyanogenmod 11m9 (Android 4.4/KitKat) on a Nexus S, with a Samsung Bluetooth keyboard. The arrow keys behave correctly in other applications.
#1250 fixed spoken instruction "turn left error" KaZeR jandegr
Description Hi
On a parking lot the following spoken instructions can be heard when
the starting point is on the parking lot :
"go left error" and "go right error"

When the destination is on the parking lot the following can be heard in addition to the go left and right error :
"You have reached your destination error"
(0.5.0 5890)

a sample of such a parking lot :

or another:

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