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#33 fixed Multiple mapset isn't handled correctly somebody KaZeR
Description If you define multiple mapset (like one for garmin and one for openstreetmaps) you only see the entry for the first mapset in the 'Data' menu, and only the first mapset is rendered on screen
#37 fixed Navit sometimes fail to draw some road segments at some zoom settings, so the map looks blank somebody hafting
Description I discovered this by accident. I let navit find a way from Stockholm to Oslo. Then I followed that road by scrolling the map, zooming in and out to look at the state of the OSM map. Sometimes, part of the road disappeared. It was always the part from somewhere in the middle of the map to the edge thaqt got lost. It looked like the road ended. The dark blue route was still there though. Zooming in or out fixes this, the road becoms visible. Zoom back to the troublesome zoom level and the road disappears again. I could sometimes scroll over several screenfuls before the road became visible again at the bad zoom level.

Turning the route off makes no difference, it is then impossible to see the lost road - it is as if it isn't there.
#42 fixed I get close, but never reach the goal somebody hafting
Description I can use navit for driving somewhere. But the goal is never reached. So when I go back, navit still wants me to turn around. Navit should consider the goal reached when you are on the correct road and within some (configurable) small distance away. I have seen other apps using 100m
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