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#167 worksforme patch for gypsy support KaZeR tim.niemeyer@…
Description Gypsy ( A GPS Multiplexing Daemon

I played a bit with gypsy and here is a new gypsy vehicle.
#170 fixed no announcements for motorway_link exits KaZeR kiddo
Description [most of the time? all the time?] navit does not announce when I need to turn right or left on an exit. It prefers telling me in advance about the turn I don't care about, that I will have to make on some other street that is situated ''after'' that motorway_link.

Navit should make sure it ''never'' fails to announce a motorway exit, no matter how small the turning angle is. Missing a highway exit can have very frustrating consequences (such as circling around 30 km before being able to come back).
#171 Incomplete/Missing infos do not announce when following a curved way/road KaZeR kiddo
Description when driving in a curved motorway_link or street, navit will (often repeatedly) tell you "now, turn slightly $direction of the curve". It is at best confusing for the driver.
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