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#928 fixed Android - GPS receiver doesn't stop working after exiting navit KaZeR crystalgfan .
Description Just experienced this weird behavior with cmake svn 4746.[[BR]]
When closing navit the GPS receiver icon in the status bar is still there or is still flashing in case of not having a fix. And it is still receiving because if you open for example the app GPS Test then it has immediately satellites in view, that's not the case if the receiver was off before.[[BR]]
Forthermore, if I disable GPS reception via built in button, then the icon is gone, but if I enable GPS again even after an hour the GPS icon starts flashing.[[BR]]
A similar behavior I had with svn 4696 and before but if you opened GPS Test and closed it then the GPS icon was gone, but with the latest it is still there and receiving. Besides, all other GPS utility apps work as expected.[[BR]]
My solution so far: Using built in task manager to kill navit and the GPS icon in status bar is gone. Same result I get with clearing the memory. So I think something what resides in memory keeps the receiver still working.[[BR]]
Samsung Galaxy S[[BR]]
Custom Rom Android 2.2.1[[BR]]
Speedmod kernel k13d[[BR]]
#933 fixed Android - Missing visual feedback if you touch an menu item KaZeR crystalgfan .
Description Just installed cmake svn 4766 and noticed that there isn't any visual feedback if you touch for example "Stop navigation" in menu Actions.[[BR]]
Also, if you touch "set as destination" you don't see the background of the line highlighted as it used to be in the former releases.[[BR]]
So you don't know if you did push the right button or not or if you selected the right line. [[BR]]
I guess in svn 4752 I didn't miss it.[[BR]]
Would be nice to have this back.
#973 fixed Android - Town Search - Street Search breaks Android - Town Search crystalgfan .
Description If you try to search for[[BR]]
38820 Halberstadt[[BR]]
then Navit jumps back to the map or the Navit window disappears. First you can see that streets are listed but then while listing it breaks.[[BR]]
Same version on Win XP does work.

SVN 4845
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