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#841 fixed Fix memleaks for image cache in gtk_drawing_area KaZeR woglinde
Description Fixes memleaks and make some style stuff
#915 fixed event_loop attribute for null graphics woglinde woglinde
Description If you want to run null graphics plugin and dbus. Dbus is not working because of the missing event loop. The attach patch introduces a new attribute for graphics called event_loop which let you configure to use
event_loops for null graphics or not. please review I will commit it than.
#949 fixed Maptool does not handle OSM access flags correctly KaZeR wkcooper
Description Short description: Setting highway attributes to access=no, transport_mode=yes (e.g bus=yes) results in no access to the route.

Long Description: Using the OSM guidelines for defining access on a highway ( Transport Mode Restrictions section) it appears the correct way to indicate a highway is for bus use only would be to define access=no, bus=yes. This should result with the path having access flag of AF_BUS, instead the result is no access at all 0x0.
Maptool generates the correct access flags, if the path has every transport_mode set to no (foot=no,motorcycle=no...) and the required one set to yes (bus=yes).

Expected result: transport modes set to yes be honoured even if the path access has been set to no.

Navit has been trying to direct me to drive on bus only highways because of this flag problem. So it might be affecting others without them recognising it by eliminating valid routes because all the flags are set to no access.
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