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#172 fixed replace "soon" by a real distance estimate KaZeR kiddo
Description soon is useless. The driver needs a real distance/time estimate announcement, which navit should have no problem providing since it already does for other announcements.
3 This also entails a sub-bug: if the user is told "soon" and that navit means "in 5 street corners", the user will have no idea if the street corner/traffic light he sees in 10 meters is the one to be considered "soon".
#173 worksforme make ways thinner KaZeR kiddo
Description the current ways are way too heavy-stroked. Problems caused by this:[[BR]]
- no way to see motorway_link unless you are fully zoomed, on most highways[[BR]]
- problems seeing the blue route "trace"[[BR]]
- ways that are close together merge together, except at maximum zoom

This is not a "the user can change it in navit.xml, not a bug" problem. The default setting should be usable. I tried looking at navit.xml and could not even figure out what the width settings meant, and which of the 18 (or more?!) settings I had to change. It's crazy, there should be a simple "master" width scale, or a gui setting for that to be changed in 2 clicks.
#174 fixed Road book distance should move from m to Km when the distance is large KaZeR yonatanhak@…
Description I got the following message in the roadbook:
"Trun easily left in 430000 m"..
I would suggest using Km for distance above 5Km.
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