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#1246 fixed Error handling background_color in "text" item mineque
Description Text item with empty label tag ignore background_color settings and draw full white rectangle:
<osd enabled="yes" type="text" x="-70" y="355" w="70" h="65" background_color="#ddddddca" label=""/>


Adding some text or single space solves problem:
<osd enabled="yes" type="text" x="-70" y="355" w="70" h="65" background_color="#ddddddca" label=" "/>

Win32 build 5827
#1244 fixed untranslated county_sep in gui internal cp15 jandegr
Description Hi,
line 157
char *county_sep =", Co. "

Co. is short for county, but should go through the thranslation thing.
Since county_sep can have another meaning in different countries,
simply changing it into:
char *county_sep =", "
might be even a better solution !

Users will know themselves if the shown value is a province, a county, a region or whatever we map to a county_ (c in maptool/osm.c)
[[Image(]] shows it in the gui,
(pic. credit to bafplus)

#1243 fixed Housenumber search behaves strange tryagain jandegr
Description Hi,
map : OSM
related to :'''Search for my town works, but I can't find my street''' on the Navit wiki
Since admin_level in Belgium is similar to the situation in Germany,
it would be nice if someone makes the small change needed in maptool/osm.c
Now sometimes :
- street in city is not found
- street is found in adjacent city.
if multiple results for street search turn up, Navit seems clever
enough to select the most probable (closest to city center ?), - but when searching for housenumbers, results from the rejected streets show up among the found housenumbers.

I think it is related to the suffix like "345c7M" in maptool/osm.c
but I don't have a clue on how to code or decode it.

This would mean a significant increase in usability of Navit.

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