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#1002 fixed Initial state of route.route_status confusion cp15 wkcooper
Description Short description:
on Navit startup with no destination defined route.route_status should be 0

Long description:
From the documentation it would appear that on startup and no route or destination defined navit should set route.route_status to 0. However on startup navit sets it to 2.
Either the documentation needs to be updated as to what is returned by Navit during the phases or the route.route_status function needs to be updated to return 0.

Tested on both navit for android and Linux
#1146 fixed POI Longitude Distance: cp15 winterwarm29
Description Distance from Lontitude in step 3x equal - 1x larger (by about 66,66%) - 3x equal - 1x larger ... !

Is LONTITUDE the recurring large gap normal ?

Entry in text file:
mg:13.04596 47.79788 type=poi_social_service label="Salzburger Dom"
mg:13.04596 47.79786 type=poi_customf label="Cathedral"
mg:13.04596 47.79784 type=poi_customf label="+43(662)844-1890"
mg:13.04596 47.79782 type=poi_customf label="Dommuseum"
mg:13.04596 47.79780 type=poi_customf label="Domgrabungen"
mg:13.04596 47.79778 type=poi_customf label="Cathedral excavations"
mg:13.04596 47.79776 type=poi_customf label="Führungen Montag-Freitag ab 14:00 Uhr"
mg:13.04596 47.79774 type=poi_customf label="Guided tours Monday-Friday from 14:00"
#494 duplicate navit on android: cant not diaplay map KaZeR vzq4815
Description i have download the navit-svn-2666 from and runs it on the Emulator via SDK 1.6 and also tried to run on SDK 1.5; however when the Emulator runs, the map never display.

the log file is attached
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