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#73 worksforme Assertion in route.c (street_get_data) anonymous mattcallow
Description Sometimes when trying set my position on the map (from popup menu Point/Set As Position) I get an assertion "count < 1000".
The problem can be resolved by increasing the maximum number of coords, but is that really a good solution?
#74 worksforme Navit repeats "turn around if possible, turn arbound if possible..." when going the wrong way cp15 hafting
Description Sometimes I go the wrong way, and navit then kindly advice me to turn around if possible. But navit will sometimes repeat this advice over and over. The message repeats so often, I though the sound driver had crashed repeating the same sample buffer endlessly. But not so - as soon as I made a turn, navit gave me new directions.

Hearing the same message repeated 20 times is kind of boring.

It is perhaps useful to repeat the instruction a *few* times, with some time between. Maybe the driver didn't notice the message the first time. After that, assume the driver changed his mind or knows something the map doesn't. Or perhaps U-turns are impossible/illegal on this road.

It is of course ok to give the "turn around" message again after there have been some other message. Navit can then assume that the driver got lost a second time and needs help again.
#75 fixed The voice message "Turn right/left NOW" comes too late somebody hafting
Description A navit conversation typically goes like this:
"Turn left soon"
"Turn left in 200 m"
"Turn left now"

("Soon" is wrong when driving in a city - "turn left in a while" is what it feels like.")
But that is just words.

The real problem is timing. I usually get the "turn left now" message in the middle of the intersection, I am already making the turn.

The message needs to come earlier, so the driver have time to react. Plus some time to make up for gps inaccuracy (and similiar map inaccuracy. Perhaps map inaccuracy needs to be a parameter in the xml file. Those with a good map don't want the messages too early, those with a bad map don't want to be told what turn they just missed half the time.)

The driver needs time to hear the entire message+reaction time. Message time vary with language, but perhaps it can be tested by timing the messages during compile? Message distance can then be computed from current speed.

Then there is the reaction time. The driver may need to brake from high speed, especially if it is a hard turn. Motorways usually don't need braking before the turn, but a good map should show the turn as a slow turn and tag the road as motorway anyway.
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