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#178 fixed show the destination icon on the map KaZeR kiddo
Description when the user has set a destination, the destination icon (I have made a new, shiny, tasty icon for it :) should be displayed at the end of the route.
#180 fixed English directions in roadbook have no space between "m" (distance) and "into" KaZeR russ -AT- phillipsukDOTorg
Description GTK GUI, OSM map. No speech output

In the roadbook, there was no space between distance (eg "100m") and road number (eg "A50"), so the directions were something like:

Turn left after 100 minto A50

This didn't happen if the road to be turned into was referenced by name (eg "High Street") instead of reference number.
#182 fixed use Liberation Sans instead of Liberation Mono KaZeR kiddo
Description monotype fonts are fugly and hard to read. Liberation Sans is a much better choice because a serifed* font on a screen is not good usability.

*: somewhat, because Liberation Mono seems to have serifs
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