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#318 duplicate see has wrong colour cp15 Udo
Description see has land colour
wget -c,22.095141,114.417114,22.581976

place binfile and xml in right place.
remove center.txt
edit navit.xml:
<navit center="2210 N 11351 E" zoom="256" tracking="1" cursor="1" orientation="-1" recent_dest="10">

restart navit
#1026 duplicate search destination based on latitude and longitude Rahul Maindargi rahulmaindargi
Description I am currently using Navit on android 4.0.3.
I have latitude and longitude of destination points.
I didn't not find a way to set latitude and longitude directly as a destination via application. (editing any xml files on phone just to set an destination every time is not a good way)

Can we add a way in sear to search a point on map based on latitue and longitude?
also can it be integrated with contacts in Android to launch from contacts itslef.. like we can initiate google maps....
#457 duplicate sea is not colored blue KaZeR arne.anka
Description while lakes are all colored blue, sea is not. it has the same color land has, distinguished only by the coast line (and those surprisingly straight ferries).
it's a bit confusing.
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