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#269 fixed Towns missing from destination dialog (use lowercase conversion in osm2navit) KaZeR Kapiteined
Description When entering a destination with the destination dialog, some towns are missing in the list.

i use an OSM map ( and convert this with osm2navit (navit and osm2navit are svn build of 2008122)

Missing towns:
townname: delft

debug nodeid: 274247451

id 0x55 0x3efb
townname lelystad

debug nodeid 243670659
#374 Incomplete/Missing infos WinCe Katopp
Description A number of issues with the latest WinCE build:

a) Code to connect to internal GPS on COMX: either broken or missing.
When setting "file://" in the XML file, it gives an error in the logs, regardless which file mentioned. When setting "wince:" all entries after the colon are regarded as TXT and Navit tries to connect to whatever TXT there is. When issueing a proper interface name like "COM8" it does not connect, even if parameters like baudrate, parity etc. are set.

b) When tapping anywhere on the map, a (part of?) modal (window/menu?) appears and blinks with system sound. If one taps on this item, an unreadable 6-line menu appers. Tapping any item in there has no effect. The blinking (window/menu?) won't go away, even if Navit is stopped and removed from memory via control panel applet. Unfortunately, this means that the logfile isn't properly closed and it's contents are lost. No way to debug that from the logfile.

c) All onscreen buttons ferform the same function (zoom in) - with the exception of zoom ou, that works.

d) Tap and drag to move the map in the window doesn't work. Map window goes blank, but comes back with the original position.

#219 fixed Navit.xml points to sport.xpm, while sports.xpm is provided cp15 KenSentMe
Description The title says it all. The file wants to use sport.xpm, but the file is actually called sports.xpm (notice the s?).
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