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#124 fixed refresh the route when recalculated KaZeR kiddo
Description navit can recalculate routes automatically, but the display does not reflect the changes at all. You have to move the map or hit Refresh to know that the route has changed.

Navit should refresh the route when it is recalculated.
#127 fixed "unpaved" from osm is wrongly considered "undriveable" somebody hafting
Description Unpaved roads from osm are considered un-driveable. Navit recommended a
trip across the sea to the closest paved road.
However, there were a much closer unpaved road, a secondary road, no less.

For OSM maps, I recommend:
The "highway" type should decide, not the paved/unpaved status.
An unpaved secondary road is still a secondary road.
Driving on a good gravel road is not a problem, gravel roads are used in places where there is so little traffic that asphalt is considered too expensive.
The unpaved status might reduce the estimated speed some, but that's it. I suggest 80% of the speed otherwise associated with the "highway" tag.

Roads of type highway=track are the ones that might not work well for an ordinary car.
#128 fixed use actionable items naming in the menus kazer kiddo
Description in the menus, you have items such as "Cursor", "Tracking", "Orientation", "Destination", "Route". They are not intuitive because they do not reflect actions. Instead, they should be renamed to something that clearly states what they do. For example:

- "Show position cursor"[[BR]]
- "Stick to roads and follow traffic rules"[[BR]]
- "Keep orientation to the North"[[BR]]
- "Set the destination"[[BR]]
- "Show the route trace" or "Highlight the route"[[BR]]

And there might be other items I forgot.
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