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#1156 fixed Android Search for Address country Flag not updating cp15 kamikaaze
Description After switching to another Country in the Android Search Activity, the country Image (Flag) for the selected Country will not be shown. It is visible after leaving and reentering the Search Activity.

The Patch submitted will fix this behaviour.
#632 fixed Android build fails with latest Android NDK KaZeR mvglasow (2)
Description When building Navit for Android with the most recent NDK (downloaded a few days ago), the command

android update project -t 3 -p android
causes an error message.

Cause: The -t parameter specifies the target platform. This can either be a number (as above) or a string identifier such as "android-3".

The string refers to the API level, android-3 corresponds to Android 1.5 (Cupcake).

The numbers seem to be assigned at random, when querying with "android list targets" I get 1 as the numeric ID for android-3.

After changing the command call in navit/navit/ to a string rather than a numeric identifier, navit builds successfully.

(Limited warranty: the resulting apk crashes on start, but that also goes for each and every SVN version I have tried.)

Patch follows; this should at least cause Navit to build correctly. However, the same string also occurs in the library and include paths, so it might make sense to introduce a global variable for this and use that in every place - that way we would even make the target API level configurable. The patch however will do as long as we remain on API level 3.

Caveat: the current patch may break compatibility with older NDK versions as the wiki article indicates that older NDK versions used the Android version rather than the API level in path names (that is, android-1.5 rather than android-3). In that case an upgrade may be required.
#1354 fixed Android build on the CI is broken cp15 kazer
Description Android builds have been failing for a couple of days.

Rebuilding a previously successful build will fail in the `make apkg` phase:

`/opt/android-sdk-linux/tools/ant/build.xml:396: SDK Platform Tools component is missing. Please install it with the SDK Manager (tools/android)`

The most recent successful build is

Rebuilding it will fail as per
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