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#1137 fixed New trac admins KaZeR usul
Description I like to ask, if you could grant some more people admin privileges for TRAC:
*me - I like to do some management on the new release, as [ described here]
*xenos1984 - he maintains the tomtom build and working on ubuntu touch
#1138 fixed TRAC upgrading cp15 usul
Description Hi, we need to update our issue tracker to make it more comfortable to contributors and more usefull for the team itself.

This task includes:
* Migration to 1.0
* minor tweaks (compare
* install some [ more addons]
* TracBookmark
* TracSubcomponents
* TracThemeEngine
* OhlohWidgetsMacro
* MovieMacro
* Awesome Attachments Plugin
* SimpleTicketPlugin
* PendingTicketPlugin
*maybe later: QaTrackerPlugin/TestCaseManagementPlugin, SubticketsPlugin
#1140 fixed TRAC: Bad to read usernames kazer usul
Description Hi, currently we force contributors/team to use OpenID in combination with the wiki-auth which is IMHO a good idea. Unfortunately, Trac uses this URL as username and so every list/page in trac is spammed by XXL nicknames. Can we somehow please strip that strings down?
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