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#70 duplicate automatically abbreviate street names if place is sparse somebody anonymous
Description it would be nice if street names could automatically be abbreviated.

Like f.e. "Landwehrstraße" to "Landwehrstr." in the top left of
the example screenshot:

(likewise "Road" Rd, "Street" St, "Place" Pl, "Lane" Ln, "Avenue" ...)
#71 Incomplete/Missing infos street names should/could be semi-transparent somebody anonymous
Description so they do not completely cover the map beneath or an overlapping steet name.
(If time permits eventually draw names of smaller streets first?)
#72 duplicate GTK Gui Segfaults when Destination Button is pressed somebody richietommy@…
Description Here's the terminal output:

xkbd: No such file or directory
Segmentation fault


I'm running Ubuntu 8.04, up to date as of today. There is no xkbd available for my distribution - there is xvkbd, gok, and onboard. I see it hooked into destination.c pretty heavily. Any ideas? Thanks,

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