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#1141 fixed Launchpad to be used for translations again KaZeR usul
Description Currently we maintain the translations only on our own. I asked Translatewiki if we might join, but the setup process will take months ​

To get translations for at least a min. number of languages, we need a comfortable way to do them/let other help us and to check the translation process.

So please let us use launchpad to maintain the .po translations again ​
#1143 fixed Update translations usul usul
Description We need to update our translations for the new release. My impression is, that from the 27+ langs we announce, only a very small number is up to date. As we have currently very limited resources and we plan some bigger refactorings in 0.6 we should IMHO '''limit on the most widely spread languages''' (English, German, French, Spanish, Russian). I'm not sure if this reflects Navit/OSM community well, but in the end we need long term commiters to that topic.

As this will introduce new users to our UI, we need to setup a '''word list''', to help them to use the same keywords again and again at different places.

We can use poedit offline, if we have only one translator per language and submit changes via diff files. Another idea is to reactivate launchpad (#1141) for this release, to allow collaborative working on the same langs and to show us the progress.
#1144 fixed Cmake for TomTom buildchain KaZeR usul
Description AFAIK only our TomTom port requires autotools anymore and blocks us from finalizing the switch over to cmake. We should work on this issue to do this step (which is only on development side important) within the new hotfix release.
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