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#13 fixed save co-ordinates as name KaZeR KaZeR
Description like a favourites menu with pre-selected co-ordinates. click it and it
navigates you there
#187 wontfix satellite page in mineque skin KaZeR anonymous
Description Dear all, when i change the skin type from taharez to mineque in offline (withoeut nmea) than all works fine. But with gps signals the navit program crashs. The error in the shell is:

gui_sdl:int gui_run_main_loop(gui_priv*):Entering main loop
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'CEGUI::UnknownObjectException'

My question is how can i use the mineque skin with nmea signals and how can i disable the wrong satellite page. I think the problem is that my signals from my gps receiver did not have data for the satellite page. Thanks a lot, surfer cid
#500 invalid update KaZeR akashihi
Description Hi
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