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#1281 fixed Android navit-svn-5996.apk does not run on asus memopad cp15 jandegr
Description navit-svn-5996.apk does not run on asus memopad android 4.2.2
As soon as the app. opens it closes again
#576 fixed Android on Freerunner: Navit crashes once a "searched" location is supposed to be viewed on the map. cp15
Description Armv4t svn-3291 on freerunner.
Maps load fine. TTS disabled. Maps are pannable (maps > 500mb).
Once I click on view on map for a location I searched previously the application crahses. see logcat attached.
#670 fixed Android: Add use of secondary location device for faster location fix KaZeR tgc
Description I've created a patch for navit on android, that enables the use of a secondary location device. This allows for a faster but generally unprecise fix. The secondary location device is disabled once the primary location device get a fix.
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