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#86 fixed Disable auto centering when user moves the map manually somebody KaZeR
Description if the user moves the map manually, it should disable map auto centering because currently, if you drag the map with cursor tracking enabled, it instantly gets back to cursor. if i move the map, then i want to see another area, whatever center setting i choosed
#87 fixed Duplicate Case value - garmin.c KaZeR nick@…
Description Make reports

:garmin.c: In function 'garmin_obj2item':
garmin.c:413: error: duplicate case value
garmin.c:412: error: previously used here

solved by commenting out the first case statement, not really a solution though.
#88 wontfix Garmin maps not displaying all data Zaxl anonymous
Description Garmin maps is not displayed correctly.
The major roads are displayed - but minor roads and details are not included.

First screenshot: This is from Windows MapSource with GPS details turned off:

Second screenshot: This is from Windows MapSource with default settings:

Third screenshot: This is from Navit:

This is what I did:

1. Installed MapSource in Windows and unlocked the map. (The installation path was my USB harddrive)

2. Booted into Linux copyed the maps from my USB harddrive to my home directory.

3. Configured navit.xml to use my Garim map - with absolute path to "CNEuroNT_v9.img"
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