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#281 fixed Not completing routing / excessive time to complete routing KaZeR Lemmyslender
Description Using svn1966, N800, bluetooth gps. Also occurred in svn1965.
Prior to svn1965 routing was working. CPU near 100%, slow screen updates, routing would complete and show blue track, distances, etc. Now with svn1965/1966 after selecting destination from bookmark, screen goes back to map and tracks vehicle, nice! However, CPU near 100% use, but route does not complete. Completed once with less than 1/4 mile to go on 15 mile trip. Other times will not complete even if vehicle is parked for 10-15 minutes. Will complete quuickly if gps is disconnected.

gargravarr42 at gmail
#268 Incomplete/Missing infos libXrandr not available on Mac OS X ? KaZeR Lollisoft
Description Hi,

here is the correct place for the sf bug with ID 2433839 I wrongly made :-)

I didn't find a version entry for the latest release for openmoko.

I am trying to compile navit on Mac OS X Leopard. After getting the gpsd
source code I was able to finish configure, but building fails at linking

/usr/X11/lib/libXrandr.2.1.0.dylib: No such file or directory

Any ideas where to get it ?

What else can I do ?


#276 fixed Navit City search does not work KaZeR Lollisoft
Description Hi,

I know there was a working city search last time I used navit on my FreeRunner. Today I installed svn-1959 and I can't search.

As a symptom I suppose to be a reason is, all the letters entered are capital. As it has worked there was only the first one capital.
Is the search case sensitive ?

Also the keyboard is still not fully viewable in vertical display mode. But I'll see in trac if there is a solution to use for.


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