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#125 duplicate route should refresh automatically somebody kiddo
Description the blue route "trace" does not update itself unless you hit refresh or move the map.

shouldn't it be able to update itself automatically, or is there a huge performance limitation here? or a particular reason why it's not already the case?
#456 invalid route >80km is not calculated KaZeR arne.anka
Description navit is from debian/unstable (, no idea what svn version that correspondends to).
using either an europe or sweden map from cloudmade or an europe map from osm (fetched via the osm bbox ulr listed in the wiki), calculating aroute bigger than approx 80km results in a completely wrong calculation:
i started with a route from trelleborg to ulricehamn, that's about 400km. the route resulted in a blue dot inside central trelleborg.
next attempt resulted in an l-shaped blue covering about 5km and ending about 1km in the sea.
several attempst result in several different shapes (i expected it to be at least always the same shape), none longer that approx 5km.

trying a shorter route instead, trelleborg - malmö (40km) works.
trying another with about 60km works too, and one with ca 80km.
the next one with 97km (according to google) results in the above error again.

is there any parameter to make navit put out more instructive informations about what happens (and make it _not_ display those constant "vehicle_gpsd:vehicle_gpsd_try_open:gps_open failed for 'gpsd://localhost'. Retrying in 10 seconds. Have you started gpsd?" messages)?
#150 worksforme route -> destination screen KaZeR udo
Description route -> destination screen is too narrow (input boxes are narrow) for proper usability on H2210.
Maybe the tomtom approach is better (less info on screen, better usable, readable).
Select city first, then new screen with street selection, new screen number/crossing selection, then OK or back etc.
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