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#277 fixed Keyboard layout wrong for portrait mode KaZeR Lollisoft
Description Hi,

Today I installed svn-1959. The keyboard layout for portrait mode is wrong. I can't enter all characters.

Is there any way to use the keyboard provided by the OpenMoko FR ?

Also as with my ticked #276 that has to do with city search, it may be the cause of not switching to non capital letters
after the first characker entered / or the search engine is case sensitive.


#324 fixed Small patch for osm2navit to convert maxspeed in MPH KaZeR Lordsutch
Description Many roads in the UK and US are tagged with maxspeed in mph; this probably should be converted to km/h for use in Navit binfiles.

The attached patch detects "mph" in the value of these tags and converts the values to km/h using a reasonably precise conversion factor, rounding down as legally e.g. 97 km/h is over 60 mph and therefore speeding, but 96 km/h is permissible.

(The floor call may actually be unnecessary since the result is being casted to int.)
#126 worksforme Setting NAVIT_LIBDIR is not platfrom neutral KaZeR Meier
Description When i run navit on a 64-bit system it fails with the following error:

** (process:10428): WARNING **: can't load '/usr/lib/navit/*/lib*.so', Error '/usr/lib/navit/*/lib*.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory'

The path is obviously wrong (it should be /usr/lib64/navit/*/lib*.so in my case). The code triggering this is in src/main.c line 144.

s=g_strdup_printf("%s/lib/navit", getenv("NAVIT_PREFIX"));

Assuming libdir is always $prefix/lib/ does not work. The configure settings i use are the default 64-bit settings for fedora/RedHat/CentOS as given by rpmbuilds %configure macro.

for example the %configure-definition from fedora 8 x86_64:
rpm --eval %{configure}

CFLAGS="${CFLAGS:--O2 -g -m64 -mtune=generic}" ; export CFLAGS ;
CXXFLAGS="${CXXFLAGS:--O2 -g -m64 -mtune=generic}" ; export CXXFLAGS ;
FFLAGS="${FFLAGS:--O2 -g -m64 -mtune=generic}" ; export FFLAGS ;
./configure --host=x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu --build=x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu \
--target=x86_64-redhat-linux \
--program-prefix= \
--prefix=/usr \
--exec-prefix=/usr \
--bindir=/usr/bin \
--sbindir=/usr/sbin \
--sysconfdir=/etc \
--datadir=/usr/share \
--includedir=/usr/include \
--libdir=/usr/lib64 \
--libexecdir=/usr/libexec \
--localstatedir=/var \
--sharedstatedir=/usr/com \
--mandir=/usr/share/man \
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