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#142 fixed OSM: rendering / routing error on roads with cycleway tag set cp15 alexander.ennulat@…
Description Using OSM data, there is an error in rendering and routing if a road has the additional "cycleway=track" tag.
This is the primary road B214. If you look at this area in navit, the road is just a thin black line and it is not used for routing.
#143 fixed Revised german translation somebody singesang
Description I revised the german translation a bit
#144 fixed navit2osm incorrectly ignores highway tag in favor of cycleway tag somebody deelkar@…
Description The cycleway=$VALUE tag for ways is always additional info for cyclists, never the primary use of the way.
For everything routing the primary key to everything is highway=$VALUE and the cycleway tag is so cyclist and cycle routers can decide a weight for that route.

Possible values for cycleway include lane and track, which denote a separate cycleway track next to the road (but very close to traffic) and just a lane next to the car traffic on the main road surface respectively.
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