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#737 fixed Android: Does not restore saved coordinates from the center.txt at startup. KaZeR sav
Description Problem exist in the function bookmarks_set_center_from_file file navit/bookmarks.c due to a lack of getline in Android.
Solution for example may be:
--- navit/bookmarks.c.orig 2010-11-07 12:02:38.000000000 +0300
+++ navit/bookmarks.c 2011-01-13 19:35:06.479158999 +0300
@@ -380,9 +380,11 @@
bookmarks_set_center_from_file(struct bookmarks *this_, char *file)
FILE *f;
char *line = NULL;
+ char str[100];

size_t line_size = 0;
enum projection pro;
@@ -391,7 +393,13 @@
f = fopen(file, "r");
if (! f)
+ fgets(str, 1024, f);
+ line = g_malloc(strlen(str));
+ strcpy(line,str);
getline(&line, &line_size, f);
if (line) {
center = transform_center(this_->trans);
@@ -400,7 +408,6 @@

#914 worksforme Android: Integrated map downloader fails to install a succesfully downloaded map cp15 kurtmyles
Description Android Navit V 0.5.0-4281
* Samsung Vibrant 3g with android 2.2
* Tried to download USA map (no AL or HI)
Observed Navit creates file
/mnt/sdcard/navitmap.tmp size 2.23 gig Navit lists the file size as 2114 mb before the download.
* If I delete the file and redownload, file is recreated.
* Looks like map downloads ok but map install fails
* Tried using latest SVN, same results.

Thanks much for the work!
#974 fixed Android: UI does not properly respond to touchscreen events mvglasow (2) elhennig
Description On Android I have the problem, that sometimes the UI does not respond to the first touchscreen event but on the second triggering another action starting from the next page. It does not happen when I start navit the first time after a reboot.

I am running navit on a SGS I9000 on Gingerbread.
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