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#590 duplicate Wince zip file inconsistent: navit.xml points to *.svg, but *.png only included
includes navit.xml which has entries like[[BR]]

<itemgra item_types="nav_left_1" order="0-">
<icon src="nav_left_1_bk.svg" w="32" h="32"/>
<itemgra item_types="nav_left_2" order="0-">
<icon src="nav_left_2_bk.svg" w="32" h="32"/>

The files nav_left_1_bk.svg,... are not present, but rather (most) png equivalents are under xpm/.[[BR]]

As the host is a very limited & slow wince system, I suppose
the png files are the right choice, so the navit.xml needs to be amended/generated accordingly.

#605 worksforme Mingw Windows plugin build failures richt
Description Many plugins fail to build on Windows with mingw with the error:
libtool: link: warning: undefined symbols not allowed in i686-pc-mingw32 shared libraries

This is due to incomplete library definitions for the affected modules leading to unresolved imports. In some cases (gui/gtk) the ..la_LD doesn't contain NAVIT_MODULE_LDFLAGS so -lnavit is missing. I'm working on patches for the relevant Makefile.ams.

This is occurring with:
* (GNU libtool 1.3110 2009-07-01) 2.2.7a
* gcc 4.5.0 (mingw32)
* ld 2.20

Also it's possible to specify -no-undefined to libtool, which will make missing libraries a fatal error (on windows).
#613 fixed Disable maptool in WinCE build mvglasow (2)
Description When building Navit for WinCE (as described in, navit.exe itself builds successfully (tested on Ubuntu 10.4) but maptool fails due to some undefined references, thus make will terminate with some error messages.

If I see that correctly, maptool is not needed anyway on Windows CE (was it ever intended to be used on WinCE?), so the clean way would be to exclude it from the build if the target platform is WinCE.
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