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#460 fixed streetname not available when not navigating cp15 zoff99
Description when i have a destination, then the current streetname (street where i am at right now) is displayed with:[[BR]]
but without a destination, when i am just driving around. i also want to see in the OSD what the current streetname is.[[BR]]
strange that:[[BR]]
always works but[[BR]]
${tracking.item.streetname} or ${navigation.item.street_name}[[BR]]
only work with destination and route
#461 fixed osd button to run arbitrary command number6 zoff99
Description it would be cool (and almost no work i think) to have an OSD button with icon, that runs a shell command or program.[[BR]]
it would allow for cool customization without recompiling! [[BR]]
sample idea:[[BR]]
<osd enabled="yes" type="shell_button" x="-96" y="-126" align="0" command="/usr/bin/" src="my_cool_button.png" />[[BR]]
you could put buttons in navit to switch stuff on and off on your device. or start agps download. whatever ...
#481 fixed Add map directory support cp15 zoff99
Description i have this set in the config file:


<mapset enabled="yes">
<map type="binfile" enabled="yes" data="/media/card/navit/maps/*.bin"/>

but when there are 2 .bin files present only the first gets loaded.
if i give only the directory (without *.bin) navit crashes and does not startup
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