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#64 worksforme xsd files are looked after in the wrong folder when using Xerces XML Parser KaZeR KaZeR
Description occurs only with Xerces.

Current fix :

a) copy the xsd files to your current folder


b) disable the Xerces XML parser at cegui build time
#1016 fixed xpm/Makefile does not update or delete generated images KaZeR sleske
Description The Makefile under xpm is broken:

* "make all" does not update the generated images if the source image is changed
* "make clean" does not delete the generated images

This is rather annoying, because it means that updates to the source files will not be visible in the GUI after a build, unless the generated files are delete manually.
#837 fixed wrong translation/untranslateable strings cp15 prescott66
Description I use slovak translation and i miss translation of this strings:

"Navit is runnin" - in top status/task bar in Android
"drive here" - when you hold finger somewhere on map

In context menu:
"Zoom in"
"Zoom in"
"download first map"
"toggle POI"
"Address search"
"download 2nd map"
"Exit Navit"

In car settings menu:
"Local GPS"

In Map settings menu:
"Route graph"

i can translate it, but they are not in sk.po/ files
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