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#273 invalid Weird coordinates after starting navit with compiled OSM map KaZeR Dema
Description I can't see the map compiled from OSM with osm2navit. Map is attached correctly, it appears in the "Map" menu.

When I click the right mouse button the menu with following coordinates appears:
Screen coord: 559 274
000.4085S 1087636.6797W
-0.006808 -10876.611150

here is the part of config:

<navit center="4314.0234N 7651.9337E"...

<mapset enabled="yes">
<map type="binfile" enabled="yes" data="~/.navit/maps/current_map.bin" debug="4"/>
#308 invalid Routing via car transport service KaZeR Doneduardo
Description In Europe, there are currently 9 car transportation services (you can drive with your car onto a train and remain in the car to pass a tunnel/bridge). One in D, one in A and 7 in CH.
For example, there is one between Selfranga and Sagliains, throug the Vereina tunnel (, see German for more information). In winter time, this is the standard way for cars/trucks as a replacement for the Flüela Pass (, more info in the German version ;)) which is closed for avalanches.
It would be great if routing would be possible through this tunnel. Most of the swiss people know that they should use the Vereina in winter time, but for tourists, this would be helpful.
I think for OSM, we would have to introduce a new tag, because as far as i see, there is no appropriate tag.
#202 fixed Routing creates a detour somebody Ed
Description Hi,

I when planning a route navit sometimes creates a detour, even when position and destination are on the same road and the same side of that road.
i have two bookmarks:
mg:-0xd0c8a0 0x550da6 type=bookmark label="start"
mg:-0xd0c848 0x551190 type=bookmark label="end"

and when routing from start to end it become obvious.
I am using a map from
and selected roughly from vancouver WA to el-paso TX
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