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#716 fixed "Set as position" is not functioning correctly, and cannot route with demo vehicle (arm-mingw32ce-gcc (GCC) 4.4.0 with recent cygwin on WinXP) KaZeR dirk205
Description a) The new position is not shown in the menu nor cursor on map.
b) A route to a destination cannot be made.
#1342 fixed "Set distance to" in POI search results is no longer clickable cp15 mvglasow (2)
Description When trying to extend the search range for POIs, the distances are no longer clickable. Instead, the entire line is highlighted and nothing else happens.

All platforms seem to be affected (tested on Linux and Android).

Bisecting revealed that the bug was introduced with commit 8bdcd53: Add:gui_internal:Navigating menus with rotary encoder.[[Image(navit_distance_bug.png)]]
#601 fixed "Tickets Created by Me" in "View Tickets" KaZeR mvglasow (2)
Description More an administrative issue than a Navit one, but is there an easy way to implement a report under New Tickets which shows the tickets opened by the logged-in user? That would make it easier to keep track, and I remember seeing something similar on other project sites which use Trac as well.
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