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#85 invalid navit.xml layout changes somebody Mineque
Things i would like to have in navit and i guess might be usefull for others [[BR]]
1. Defining map background color tag in <layout> </layout> section not hardcoded like it is now. [[BR]]
2. Removing all poi element from layout section to external file poi.config/default.poi [[BR]]
a) defining different config for different devices (Neo1973, N800, PDA etc.)[[BR]]
b) creating new set's of poi's icon [[BR]]
c) personal displaying order for users with having at the same time default not modified[[BR]]
poi.config [[BR]]
3. Removing and splitting whole <layout></layout> section to two different files. First describing colors (e.g. default.colorset) second describing layout and font size (e.g. default.layout)[[BR]]
Advantages? [[BR]]
a) defining different config (font size etc) for different devices (Neo1973, N800, PDA etc.)[[BR]]
b) a way for creating new map's colorset[[BR]]
#86 fixed Disable auto centering when user moves the map manually somebody KaZeR
Description if the user moves the map manually, it should disable map auto centering because currently, if you drag the map with cursor tracking enabled, it instantly gets back to cursor. if i move the map, then i want to see another area, whatever center setting i choosed
#91 Incomplete/Missing infos display name of point of interests (poi) somebody matth
Description display name of point of interests (poi)
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