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#1171 fixed *.bin filter doesn't work as expected KaZeR usul
Description To make my configuration comfortable, I use this line to add all binfiles in a directory:

<mapset enabled="yes">
<map type="binfile" enabled="yes" data="$NAVIT_SHAREDIR/maps/*.bin"/>
This works of course, but it''' only adds the first matching binfile''' :( Furthermore just this line is displayed in the '''UI maplist''', but not the dedicated binfiles it adds.

Steps to reproduce:
* Compile navit
* Download a new area as a seperated binfile in ./maps/ directory
* Change navit.xml with the mentioned lines
#1172 fixed Multipolygone buildings problem cp15 usul
Description Hi, there seems to be a bug for handling multipolygone relations properly:

[[Image(osm residence.jpg)]]
[[Image(navit residence.png)]]

In this example, I enriched the building as multipolygone and added [ Simple 3D building] related tags, too. Unfortunatly, it seems, as maptool doesn't consider tags at the relation (instead of at the inner and outer closed ways itself). Maybe this is the simple reason, why it doesn't identifies the outline as building. But IMHO this way of tagging is suggested by a lot of schemas and should be added.

tested with SVN5467 and a portugal binfile from from
#1173 fixed New moderator for KaZeR usul
Description Hi, I like to disburden user:KaZeR from some management tasks and like to become a moderator for our sourceforge and launchpad accounts, too. This might help as it increases the redundancy of human resources to keep them up to date and to guide new contributors and the community of course :)
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