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#145 fixed Long Distance Route Calculation Crashes Navit KaZeR kirisutojan@…
Description When I have a GPS receiver connected to navit and want it to calculate a long route (around 350 kilometers), using the maps from the Reiseplaner (I haven't checked with other maps), navit will crash with the following error:

ERROR:(route.c:813):route_graph_flood: assertion failed: (end != 0)

After that I won't be able to open navit again as long as the GPS device is working because it will crash immediately after start with the same error as above.

I'm using the SVN version 1105 on an up to date archlinux. Let me know if you need more information! Thanks!
#147 fixed routing needs improvement somebody udo
Description When entering my home town navit routed to my home via the biggest road, then nearest smaller road and then the smallest road (my street).
Instead Navit should at least have considered taking a short cut off the biggest road via a sideroad then another street onto the corner where I live. (need to show map to make more understandable) This is the shortest route I use every day.
I.e.: logic needs to be checked.
Also the 'wrong' route remained on the map, even though I did use the other shorter route; navit did not redraw or change map. (gtk issue?)
#148 fixed routing needs zooming KaZeR udo
Description When driving navit needs to autmomagically adjust the zoom level for usable map view. (i.e. zoom in/out as needed)
Zoom level may vary for highway and or inner city mapping.
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