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#1185 fixed Document shapefile map driver KaZeR tryagain
Description We have support for shapefile map format in navit.

But there seems to be no documentation for this driver.

As far as I can see from the code, navit uses additional mapfilename'''.dbfmap''' file to do mapping between shapefile and navit item/attribute types.

I would like to have description of this file and some usage example on our wiki.

I think this map driver could be usable to use data for overview map from
#1184 fixed maptool crash when converting an OSM pbf file. KaZeR tuxmaster
Description Steps to reproduce the crash.
1. load the osm pbf from
2. load
3. run osmupdate to update the map. "osmupdate -B=germany.poly germany-latest.osm.pbf germany-neu.osm.pbf"
4. run "maptool --protobuf -i germany-neu.osm.pbf germany-neu.bin"

maptool crash with an segfault.
I have talk the the developer of osmupdate/osmconvert, and we have test the map.
The map seen to be ok.
Used maptool from SVN 5718.
#1183 fixed No Ukraine in map download list kazer paul sokolovsky
Description I'm using Android app 0.5.0 5720 (built by Trying to use "Download maps" menu, I cannot find Ukraine in the list. Poland, Bulgaria, Belarus, Russia - all the nearby countries are there, but not Ukraine.

Country list per continent is also not sorted alphabetically, which also complicates search for needed country.
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