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#1351 fixed revisit tagging system kazer kazer
Description Currently we have to tag releases with tags such as R7165 because we use that to keep track of the versions we push to Google PlayStore (this is a requirement as each new apk pushed to the store must have a version number higher than the previous one).

But using tags for that clutters our release page.

Jkoan has suggested that we switch to using YYYYMMDDHHMM as a version tag for the PlayStore. This does not require permanent storage, is guaranteed to generate a higher version number for each build and should be fairly easy to implement.
#271 Incomplete/Missing infos resolution problem wince qvga Cklein
Description Hi all,
first time trying navit on a windows mobile (5). The resolution seems to be for VGA devices so in my QVGA (240 x 320) buttons are not shown so it can't be used. Checking the navit.xml file doesn't show any resolution tag, so I don't know if it can be changed. Thanks for navit!

Bests regards
#172 fixed replace "soon" by a real distance estimate KaZeR kiddo
Description soon is useless. The driver needs a real distance/time estimate announcement, which navit should have no problem providing since it already does for other announcements.
3 This also entails a sub-bug: if the user is told "soon" and that navit means "in 5 street corners", the user will have no idea if the street corner/traffic light he sees in 10 meters is the one to be considered "soon".
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