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#85 invalid navit.xml layout changes somebody Mineque
Things i would like to have in navit and i guess might be usefull for others [[BR]]
1. Defining map background color tag in <layout> </layout> section not hardcoded like it is now. [[BR]]
2. Removing all poi element from layout section to external file poi.config/default.poi [[BR]]
a) defining different config for different devices (Neo1973, N800, PDA etc.)[[BR]]
b) creating new set's of poi's icon [[BR]]
c) personal displaying order for users with having at the same time default not modified[[BR]]
poi.config [[BR]]
3. Removing and splitting whole <layout></layout> section to two different files. First describing colors (e.g. default.colorset) second describing layout and font size (e.g. default.layout)[[BR]]
Advantages? [[BR]]
a) defining different config (font size etc) for different devices (Neo1973, N800, PDA etc.)[[BR]]
b) a way for creating new map's colorset[[BR]]
#346 fixed CPU usage on route calculation KaZeR Mithrandir
Description Navit seems to recalculate the route permanently. At least on my N810 I permanently have 100% CPU usage when routing is active. Imho it should only do when one has left the route, to conserve CPU and power. Also navit would overall run more fluently then.
#347 fixed current street when routing is not active Singesang Mithrandir
Description OSD should display the current street also when routing is not active. navigation.item.street_name only seems to contain the current street name when routing is active.
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