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#1252 fixed Android: cursor up/down swapped on external keyboard cp15 mvglasow (2)
Description Steps to reproduce:

* Start Navit on Android with an external (e.g. Bluetooth) keyboard connected
* In Internal GUI, go to Town and type a few letters to get a list of towns
* Try navigating through the list

You will see that the "cursor up" key moves the selection down and vice versa.

Tested on r5889, Cyanogenmod 11m9 (Android 4.4/KitKat) on a Nexus S, with a Samsung Bluetooth keyboard. The arrow keys behave correctly in other applications.
#1241 fixed Android: menu bug cp15 jandegr
Description Hi,
would somebody pls. in

line 138:
change: menuSetheaderTitle("Position..");
in to: menuSetheaderTitle(Navit._("Position")+"..");

I think it's clear that the first is not translated.
Sorry for not formatting it as a proper patch, but it's only one line.

#1267 fixed Android: text OSD does not resize correctly when rotating mvglasow (2) mvglasow (2)
Description Steps to reproduce:

* Add the following OSD item: `<osd type="text" label="Test" x="0" y="0" w="100%" h="54" font_size="800" background_color="#000000a0"/>`
* Start Navit
* Rotate the device by 90 degrees so that orientation changes

* When Navit starts in portrait mode and then changes to landscape, the OSD item maintains its old width and is aligned to the left edge. Text is placed in the middle of the screen (not the background) and any text extending beyond the right edge of the box is cut off.
* When Navit starts in landscape mode, the OSD item renders correctly. Even after a few rotations it will display correctly in either orientation.

Apparently the width of the background is determined once at startup and not updated when the display orientation changes. Text placement seems to requery this value every time.
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