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#1180 fixed build-errror on lauchpad KaZeR jörg frings - fürst
Function `g_mutex_new_navit' implicitly converted to pointer at /build/buildd/navit-svn-5655-5/navit/support/glib/gatomic.c:913
Function `g_private_new_navit' implicitly converted to pointer at /build/buildd/navit-svn-5655-5/navit/support/glib/gslice.c:394
Function `g_mutex_new_navit' implicitly converted to pointer at /build/buildd/navit-svn-5655-5/navit/support/glib/gslice.c:395

Our automated build log filter detected the problem(s) above that will
likely cause your package to segfault on architectures where the size of
a pointer is greater than the size of an integer, such as ia64 and amd64.

This is often due to a missing function prototype definition.

Since use of implicitly converted pointers is always fatal to the application
on ia64, they are errors. Please correct them for your next upload.

More information can be found at:
#1179 fixed gpsd not usable on Maemo anymore chollya klosels -2-
Description As opposed to earlier builds, Navit doesn't work with the internal GPS on N810 (running Maemo Diablo) using gpsd as source. As a side effect the GPS on this device is also not enabled/disabled automatically anymore.

GPS source is configured as "gpsd://localhost", which always worked. Now Navit reports the following error:
invalid source 'gpsd://localhost': unknown type 'gpsd'

I'm quite sure that the reason is the fix for ticket #850 in rev.5642, which introduced dependency on libgps>=3.1, which probably isn't available on Maemo4.

rev. 5640: works
rev. 5643: doesn't work
(no other packages in between available)

I guess this just went unnoticed because the packages failed to install since a while longer. This was just fixed yesterday (see ticket #1120).
#1177 fixed Search does not find interpolated house numbers from OSM sleske
Description When using data from OpenStreetMap, Navit's search does not find interpolated house numbers (numbers indicated by a way with tag addr:interpolation).


House number 23 of Gottfried-Daniels-Straße, Köln, Germany.

OSM data has an interpolation for numbers 9 to 37: . Nominatim will therefore find the address:

If I search for Gottfried-Daniels-Straße, Köln in Navit's search dialog (internal GUI / Town) and start the housenumber search, typing "2" only offers numbers 2 and 24.

This is with SVN rev. 5654, and a binfile map from from early October 2013.
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