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#100 fixed OSD KaZeR anonymous
Description On screen display displaying at least current speed (in kph or mph in case I'll be driving in US) is badly needed.
And it would be nice if such OSD would be drawn right on the map without some dedicated panel. Then it would not reduce valueable screen space.
As additional options altitude (in slightly smaller font) would be nice and also GPS compass since current one on cursor is hardly visible.
#101 fixed Turn restrictions are ignored cp15 Schwabenbraeu
Description ~~Navit calculates an illegal route when trying to navigate from [,47.713567,9.080216%3B9755623608176128212,47.719006,9.068952%3B4377776254837196897,47.711728,9.080378&saddr=N47.713567+E9.080216&daddr=N47.711728+E9.080378&sll=47.718251,9.074707&sspn=0.015533,0.028925&ie=UTF8&ll=47.71623,9.078526&spn=0.015534,0.028925&t=h&z=15 N47.713567 E9.080216 to N47.711728 E9.080378]: It proposes to turn left at N47.7124 E9.0825 but there is a [,9.081144&spn=0.003884,0.007231&z=17 pesky bridge].~~

In addition, navit wants to "u-turn" at [,9.082679&spn=0.003884,0.007231&t=h&z=17 N47.7114 E9.085] when trying to travel in the reverse direction.

I'm using the maps from Marco Polo Grosser Reiseplaner 2007-2008 btw.
#102 invalid Navit (SDL) crashes when GPS receiver connected KaZeR sk <stefan.klumpp@…>
Description Navit (latest cvs) crashes using the SDL interface when GPS receiver is connected. Works flawlessly with GTK.

First try:

After deleting destination.txt:
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