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#155 fixed route -> destination screen KaZeR udo
Description make it possible to omit the navit keyboard in this screen and use the `system keyboard` as e.g. on Angstrom 2007.12 for h2210 ipaq. this makes the keyboard switchable (more screen for info) and more complete.
#157 fixed *_link keys in osm2navit cp15 latouche@…
Description Roads tagged as highway=secondary_link are not recognized by osm2navit leading to missing junctions. Even if secondary_link is not referenced in OSM wiki, they can exist: OSM gurus told me that "*_link roads are roads that link to a *"

Therefore, I propose to add highway=secondary_link and highway=tertiary_link as ramps in osm2navit.c

Patch attached
#159 fixed gui_internal width issue on ipaq H2210 KaZeR udo
Description gui_internal width issue on ipaq H2210 in actions menu
see attachment
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