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#1082 fixed Announcement of destination and highway exit info jandegr
Description When following the calculated route Navit lacks one of the most important announcement details when driving on a motorway.
On every interchange you can join the motorway into two directions, which is indicated by the respective signpost of a distant big city,
that helps the driver to find the correct direction.

The announcement of Navit just tells e.g. "turn right in 500m onto the A2".

Which direction? Watch the route on display and think! Even hope, sometimes...!

Better add the correct signpost of the city: "turn right in 500m onto the '''A2 to Berlin'''".

OpenStreetMap is one of the maps that has made great progress in that category. There is a lot of motorway links already that contain the destination signpost of the motorways. Now it's worth integrating it into the announcement of Navit.

To make long story short I can provide a patch that already has this feature.
It scans every announced intersection for existing signposts and takes it for the respective announcement. If the sign of that intersection contains more than one city, Navit selects the one that fits best to the calculated route, namely the one that has the best hit rate along the route.
The announcement will be like the example above.

Keep in mind that the map-binfile has to be generated again, because I also adapted the maptool to get the signpost data from OSM.

You can take the patch and test it, I already tested it for about half a year and it works fine. I will never want to run Navit without it again!

However, for this patch I adapted the file for German only, but it is foolproof to adapt the language of your choice.

Have fun!
#731 fixed Antialias cp15 acous
Description Antialiasing of map elements would make the gui a lot more aesthetically pleasing, as well as increasing the effective visual resolution with sub-pixel rendering.
#477 fixed Area "POI"s are not considered a POI KaZeR
Description Many tags that can be assigned to both nodes and ways are only recognised by Navit when placed on a node. Examples are [ the Boven IJ hospital] and [ this fuel station].

Not only are they not rendered with an appropriate icon, they are also not included in the overview of POIs around a certain point.

It would be nice if those nodes are properly handled by Navit. As a compromise I would be happy with a fictitious node that's added by osm2navit and which is tagged with the same tags as the way. It could be positioned in the centre of the way, or more appropriately somewhere inside the way.

Note: This ticket assumes closed ways. If a building or an area isn't marked with a closed way, there is something bigger going on that we shouldn't try to solve with this ticket.
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