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#744 worksforme speedlimit under android wrong cp15 foxxi59
Description Hi,

speedlimit (maxspeed=DE:urban) wasn't display under andriod.

By the same card unter Linux the speedlimit was displayed with 50 km/h.

See Way-ID 29326731
#753 worksforme Routing error, Selects a minor road a short distance. cp15 henrik
Description Error in route choice between these points:
(Unnecessary detour)

62 30 14 N
15 29 53 E

62 29 57 N
15 29 5 E

Link to road in OpenStreetMap:

I use the latest anroid version, and a new mapp from

See attached image.
#876 worksforme Bad routing analysed: attached bookmarks and screenshots for debugging KaZeR joysfera
Description I was wondering why current SVN Navit, when asked to plan route using OSM map between Zlin and Plzen (=Pilsen, both in Czech Republic) plans out a route via Austria that is 2,5x longer than needed (840+ km instead of 340 km). I tried to pinpoint the problem and have come to the following:

From "Zlin" (exact point given in the attached bookmark.txt) up to "Lodenice" the route is correct - using the D1 and D5 highways. When going farther in the "Plzen/Pilsen" direction on the D5 highway Navit breaks and stops routing altogether. When one gets to the point of "Zdice" Navit suddenly starts routing via Austria, a trip 2,5x longer than necessary!

Please try out using the attached bookmark.txt - it has three bookmarks named Start, Good and Bad. Use Start as Position and Good/Bad as Destination. The Good and Bad are exact points on the D5 highway where Navit starts breaking - move 100 m farther and Navit doesn't route at all.

Attached are also two screenshots showing the correct route to "Lodenice" and completely bogus one to neighbor "Zdice".

"Beroun" (another town on the D5 highway sitting in between of "Lodenice" and "Zdice") is an example of Destination that Navit cannot route to at all.

Note that it is crucial to use the "Start" bookmark as Position. If you use "Zlin" as position the breakpoints are different (but close to what I pinpointed above).

I have used a clean svn checkout (revision 4510/26104), selfcompiled and run with config file from Ubuntu Lucid Lynx's Navit 0.2.0~svn2897+dfsg.1-1build1.
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