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#257 fixed Roadbook empty if position selected before destination. KaZeR Ockham
Description Offline (=no GPS) use, Ubuntu Intrepid package, 0.4.0+svn.r1375, GTK+, OSM map data for Austria from

If I select both a position, then a destination via the context menu and then click on "Roadbook", that window remains empty. It does work (ie contain a list of roads to take), if I do it the other way round, ie, select a destination first, and only then a position.

(I cannot check if this is the same if I select a destination via the destination dialog, as I do not get anything to select except for my country there. - Is that #245?)
#258 fixed Manpage for navit and osm2navit missing KaZeR Silwol
Description Several distributions require every packaged executable file to have a manpage. This is currently not the case for navit and osm2navit. It would be fine if somebody could write them and add them to the project.
#259 fixed Deprecated "Encoding: UTF-8" in navit/xpm/desktop_icons/navit.desktop KaZeR Silwol
Description There is an entry "Encoding=UTF-8" in the file navit/xpm/desktop_icons/navit.desktop. This is deprecated according to and should be removed.
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