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#160 fixed corrupt destination.txt file will prevent navit from starting somebody kiddo
Description this should never happen: navit should just ignore (delete) the destination file (or at least tell the user) if it is not able to parse it properly. The contents of destination.txt were like this:

mg:0xff82f82f 0x56eb65 type=former_destination label="Map Point 4530.8142N 07341.4253W"
mg:0xff82f8eb 0x56dfc5 type=former_destination label="Map Point 4529.6888N 07341.3238W"
mg:0xff82f7f9 0x56eb84 type=former_destination label="Map Point 4530.8259N 07341.4544W"

and it caused this:

jeff@kiki:~/trunks/navit/navit$ ./navit
Running from source directory
vehicle_gpsd:vehicle_gpsd_new_gpsd:Retry interval not defined, setting to 10

** (<unknown>:14176): WARNING **: gps_open failed for 'gpsd://localhost'. Retrying in 10 seconds. Have you started gpsd?

data_binfile:map_new_binfile:file_create /home/jeff/trunks/navit/navit/quebec-ontario.bin
magic 0x6054b50
cde_size 60
members 97
data_textfile:map_new_textfile:map_new_textfile bookmark.txt
data_textfile:map_new_textfile:map_new_textfile destination.txt
** ERROR:(coord.c:92):coord_rect_overlap: assertion failed: (r2->lu.x <= r2->rl.x)
Abandon (core dumped)
#161 fixed <rphlx> "window manager close button does not shut down navit process" KaZeR udo
<rphlx> "window manager close button does not shut down navit process"
this is on navit 0.1.0 svn 20/21 june 2008
this is observed on x86_64 linux.
#162 fixed Additional path for navit.xml file somebody wosi@…
Description I am packaging navit for
In debian and derived distros (what ubuntu is) all system-wide configuration is in /etc, where also the default navit.xml file should go in the package.
I therefore would really appreciate if you could add /etc/navit/navit.xml to the path search locations like in the patch attached.
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